Did You Miss the 2019 Adult Opioid Summit?

opioids graphicEarlier this summer, DEA 360 and local organizations hosted an adult opioid summit in Baltimore. During the well-attended event, presenters spoke about how the epidemic is affecting Baltimore and informed the audience about various resources in the community.

If you couldn't make the event, don't worry! Below, we've included a few of the speakers' presentations (in PDF form), each full of information you can use to learn about the origin of the opioid epidemic in your area and how community organizations and law enforcement are trying to help. 

"DEA 360 Baltimore: An Intelligence Assessment" (pdf) Presented by DEA 

"The Faith-Based Response to the Opioid Crisis" (pdf) Presented by Karl C. Colder, president of Colder Allied Consulting, LLC

"Response to Substance Use Disorder: Faith-Based Toolkit" (pdf) Presented by Karl C. Colder

"The Opioid Epidemic Practical Toolkit: Helping Faith-based and Community Leaders Bring Hope and Healing to Our Communities" (pdf) Presented by Karl C. Colder

"Making our Neighbors and Neighborhoods Healthier" (pdf) Presented by Selwyn Ray, director of Johns Hopkins Health System Community Relations

"Opioids: Safe Prescribing, Patient Care and Pain Management" (pdf) Presented by Dr. Gary Pushkin, orthopedic surgeon in Baltimore