New Initiative Aims to Educate Public About Drug Disposal

Dispose Medicine Safely - "Stick It" Sticker
Image of a "Stick It' sticker

Did you know that more than half of the people who misused pain relievers within the past year got them from a friend or relative?

For this reason, it's very important to make sure your opioid pain medication does not get into the wrong hands.

“Stick It,” an initiative that started in Manchester, New Hampshire, is designed to inform the public about the correct way to safely dispose, consume, and store their medicine.

As part of the project, student volunteers place educational stickers promoting safe medicine disposal and on prescription bags. They also hand out promotional material about proper drug disposal and Deterra Disposal Bags (a bag designed to fully dissolve medication) to customers from pharmacies and doctor's offices. 

The DEA 360 Strategy is trying to bring "Stick It" to Ohio. But to be successful, they'll need the support of community members, the media, parents, and schools.

Interested in helping? Contact DEA 360 Cleveland Community Outreach Coordinator Lorna Mclain via email at or by phone at 216-339-7972.