Dayton's GROW Program Helps Fight Local Opioid Epidemic

The GROW program connects overdose survivors, family members/friends to treatment, recovery support services, overdose prevention education, and community outreach. Read more.

Ohio police warned about dangerous new substances used to lace heroin, fentanyl

(WHIO, January 24) Some drug dealers in Ohio are lacing heroin and fentanyl with a powder called “Rizzy” and the potent narcotic analgesic Bromodol, law enforcement officials in the state warn. Read more.

Narcan available at more than 8,000 Walgreens locations nationwide

(CBS News, October 26)  Narcan, a nasal spray form of naloxone that reverses opioid overdoses, will now be a little easier to get. Read more.

Dr. Oz Talks About Ohio Drug Use and DEA 360

Dr. Oz took time out to briefly discuss the importance of DEA's 360 program and eliminating the stigma surrounding substance abuse. Watch.

Wright State working with DEA project to slow down opioid epidemic

(WDTN, August 22) Since many students at the school hope to become medical professionals one day, they could play a key role in how opioid addiction is addressed and treated in the future. Read more.