Ohio police warned about dangerous new substances used to lace heroin, fentanyl

(WHIO, January 24) Some drug dealers in Ohio are lacing heroin and fentanyl with a powder called “Rizzy” and the potent narcotic analgesic Bromodol, law enforcement officials in the state warn.heroin illustration

Rizzy, according to the product’s website, is a “flower centerpiece maker,” and is not for human consumption at all. Officials believe that it causes flesh to rot.

"Unfortunately, we find out after the fact, after somebody uses," Capt. Mike Brem, with the Montgomery County Sheriff's RANGE Task Force, told News Center 7. "A lot of times, unfortunately, that's the way we find out" about substances used to "cut" or "stretch" narcotics.

Unfortunately, neither the anti-overdose drug Narcan nor any other similar drugs will help if someone overdoses on these laced substances, he said.  Read more.