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pregnant woman holding marijuana leaf

THC From Pot Lingers in Breast Milk for Weeks: Study

(Health Day News, March 11) According to a new study, THC, the ingredient in marijuana that causes a user’s high, can remain in a mother’s breast milk for up to six weeks after she uses the drug. 

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Rising U.S. Deaths After Users Mix Coke, Meth With an Opioid

(Health Day News, April 2) Cocaine deaths have increased in recent years because more people are combining the drug with an opioid, according to a new report. 

older man

Drug use among older persons a ‘hidden epidemic’, narcotics experts warn

(UN News, March 25) Worldwide, drug use among adults over 65 has increased in recently, according to a report from the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB).   


Younger Age of Initiation to Marijuana Use Linked with Higher Rates of Disorder in NIH Study

(Addiction Professional, March 30) The younger someone starts using marijuana, the more likely they are to develop a substance use disorder, according to a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics. 

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Alert – DEA warns of increasing extortion scam calls

Criminals, posing as DEA employees, are calling people across the country threatening them if they don't pay a fine.

teen on cell phone

Mobile app helps young adults talk with friends about risky drug, alcohol use

(University of Illinois, March 3) A new smartphone app aims to teach young people how to talk to their friends if they suspect they have a problem with drug use.

chest pains

Study Links Drinking, Smoking, Drug Use With Premature Heart Disease in Youth

(Pharmacy Times, February 23) A recent study linked drinking, smoking and substance misuse to premature heart disease in young people. 

person holding vape pen with smoke coming out of it

Vaping marijuana linked to lung injury in teens, study says

(CNN, March 3) According to a recent study, teens experience “wheezing or whistling” in the chest more often after vaping marijuana than after using e-cigarettes or regular cigarettes. 

traffic crash

U.S. traffic deaths spike despite pandemic — and these states had the highest increase

(CBS News, March 4) Though fewer Americans were on the road last year due to the nationwide pandemic, there was an 8% increase in deadly car crashes that year compared to 2019, according to a recently released report from the National Safety Council. 

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La Universidad de Miami y el Colegio Estatal de Dakota del Norte ganan el concurso colegial de videos de servicio público

¡Ya se anunciaron los ganadores del Concurso colegial de videos de servicio público con motivo de la Semana del Listón Rojo! Por primera vez en la historia del concurso, el primer premio se otorgó a dos escuelas.