Watch: Local DEA Official Talks Prevention Efforts

During a recent interview, DEA’s New Jersey Special Agent in Charge Susan A. Gibson sat down with TV Host Natasha Sherman to talk about initiatives like Take Back Day, Operation Prevention and more. Watch.

NJ hospital that cut ER use of opioids would become national model, under proposed law

(, April 23) Lawmakers are hopeful that the proposed “Alternatives to Opioids (ALTO) in the Emergency Department Act” could help decrease opioid prescriptions across the state and nationwide. Read more.

Rutgers poll: Opioid painkillers are in medicine cabinets across N.J.

(, December 17) About one third of households in New Jersey were prescribed opioid pain medication during this past year, according to a recent poll from the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy. Read more.

How hospitals are trying to fight NJ’s opioid crisis

(New Jersey 101.5, December 19) A few hospital systems in South Jersey are teaming up to share drug overdose information with each other to better understand and address the local opioid problem.​ Read more.