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‘Hollywood’ Heroin Causes Spike in Overdoses

(22News, Jan. 3) A bad batch of heroin called \"Hollywood\" heroin has made its way around Massachusetts and already caused eight deaths in one county.

Kratom, an Addict’s Alternative, Is Found to Be Addictive Itself

(The New York Times, Jan. 3) Kratom is an addictive plant that heroin users often seek out as an alternative way out of addiction.

More American Teens Risk Mental Defects, Addiction Due to Increased Marijuana Use

(Christian Today, Jan. 2) More teens perceive marijuana to be less dangerous than cigarettes.

America's Youth: The Marijuana Martyrs

(Above the Law, Dec. 31) As Colorado enters its third year of legalized marijuana use, the state is also witnessing a growth of homeless youth.

Portraits Of Those Killed By Heroin Bring Healing And Awareness

(NPR, Dec. 30) Anne Marie Zanfagna's paintings of overdose victims sheds lights on the growing epidemic.

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Antidote Preventing Drug Overdose Deaths But Not Solving Overall Problem Of Addiction

(Carroll County Times, Dec. 26) More first responders are carrying an antidote that has saved heroin overdose victims from death, but it's not solving the overall problem.

'I Have Been Reborn': Recovering Young Addict Offers Hope to Others

(Today, Dec. 27) Nicole is one of seven heroin addicts featured on the HBO documentary \"HEROIN: Cape Cod, USA.\"

Monitoring the Future Study Results: Marijuana Use Exceeds Cigarette Use Among US Teens in 2015

(University of Michigan, Dec. 16) Past-month marijuana use continues to exceed cigarette use among high school seniors. 

Use Of Ecstasy, Heroin, Synthetic Marijuana, Alcohol, Cigarettes Declined Among US Teens In 2015

(Michigan News, Dec. 16) Drug use has declined among students nationwide, according to the annual Monitoring the Future Study.

Pharmacists Touted as Last Line of Defense Against Addiction

(Lexington Herald-Leader, Dec. 20) Pharmacists have the power to help the prescription drug abuse crisis by tightening control over drug distribution.