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Vaping Causes Problems for Officials

(, Feb. 28) Vaping use in teens is on the rise, however the electronic pens are not as safe as they might seem.

Does Marijuana Shrink a Growing Brain?

(Fox28, Feb. 26) New brain scans reveal that teens that smoke marijuana have less grey and white matter contrast.

Father Shares Son's Story of Addiction

(CBS 12, Feb. 25) One father didn't want to whitewash his son's obituary. Isidro Garcia opens up about his son's struggles with heroin.

Officials Warn Synthetic Drugs Are Not Safer

(, Feb. 28) Synthetic drug use is on the rise in the Rio Grande Valley.

How to Protect Your Teen from Synthetic Drugs (VIDEO)

(NBC, Feb. 22) Experts advise parents on how to talk to teens about the dangers of synthetic drugs.

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3 Things Parents Should Know About Study Drugs

(US News, Feb. 22) Just because Adderall is a prescription drug doesn't make it safe for your teen. Here are three things to know about \"study drugs.\"

Pot is a \"Gateway Drug\" to Alcohol Abuse

(Newser, Feb. 21) Smoking marijuana increases chances you develop an alcohol use disorder.

Adderall Misuse on the Rise

(, Feb. 16) Young adults are increasingly abusing Adderall to manage school work and stress.

Drugged Driving Becoming an Epidemic

(, Feb. 15) The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 22 percent of drivers tested positive for drugs.

Weed Use May Hurt Verbal Memory

(CNN, Feb. 10) People who smoked weed regularly as teenagers remembered fewer words as they entered middle age, according to a new study published online by JAMA Internal Medicine.