Bernalillo County Announces New Digital Tool to Help Map the Opioid Epidemic

usedsyringes_article(News Release: Bernalillo County, August 9) The community within Bernalillo County has joined efforts to clean  the community’s streets of needles and syringes, to make Bernalillo County a safe place to work and play. Since the advent of these efforts, over 13,000 needles have been reported and picked-up by various organizations including volunteers, city, and county workers.

The county is taking an active role with collecting data surrounding these syringe efforts, by creating a live heat map of the affected areas. The county’s Planning & Development GIS (geographic information system) team created the app that allows members of the community to report needle pickup efforts and then records that data in a live heat map. The map will show trends and migration as the county continues to work toward ending the opioid epidemic. Read more on