Get Involved

DEA 360 in the Community

Hip Hop Fundamentals, a group of local break dancers, often appear at DEA 360 events. In addition to their high energy performances, they also get students involved through dance instruction. They do a great job interacting with the youth, while highlighting anti-drug messages.  Watch.


If you want to get involved in the DEA 360 Strategy you can start by educating yourself on the prescription opioid and heroin epidemic that is spreading in Philadelphia, and then share what you have learned with your family, friends, community, neighbors, etc.

Philly_RRPresentation_smallerSEE PHOTOS: 360 officials are out spreading the anti-opioid message throughout the community of Philadelphia.




DEA Youth Dance Program in Philly

Since the inception of the 360 Strategy, the DEA has provided Youth Dance Programs at the Alexander K. McClure, Bayard Taylor, and Isaac A. Sheppard elementary schools in North Philadelphia. Read more.




Join a coalition or volunteer with a partnering organization. 

Click here for a list of 360 partners.

Start a coalition in your community.

Click here for tips.

Participate in events.

Click here for a list of local events. 

Properly dispose of prescription drugs. 

If you have prescription drugs that have expired or you no longer need you can deposit them into prescription drop-off boxes located in your community. 

Enter your address on the website to find the nearest place you can drop off your prescription medicine. 

You can also check out the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs site for local drop-off locations.