Las drogas y su familia

Wyatt Williamson

Wyatt's Story

Wyatt tragically passed away at age 23 after taking a pill he thought was Xanax, but was actually laced with the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl.   

One Pill Can Kill

The Drug Enforcement Administration warns the American public of the alarming increase in the lethality and availability of fake prescription pills containing fentanyl and methamphetamine. 


Counterfeit Pills: What You Need to Know

As our nation remains in the midst of an opioid crisis, another disturbing trend has emerged: the use of counterfeit medication. 

What’s PTSD? How is it Connected to Substance Misuse?

Post-traumatic stress disorder – also known as PTSD – can develop after a person sees or experiences a shocking, scary, or dangerous event.  

teen girl looking at laptop

Online Mental Health Resources

As the conversation about mental health has gotten louder in recent years, the number of resources online dedicated to awareness and treatment have also increased. 

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Culture-Based Prevention Resources

Operation Prevention, DEA and Discovery Education's joint educational initiative, recently launched a set of culture-based prevention materials for elementary and middle school students.

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What is 420?

April 20, also known as “420,” is a day popular with many marijuana smokers. They see this date as an unofficial holiday and celebrate by getting high.

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¿Sus hijos adolescentes están listos para divertirse guardando la distancia social?

La temperatura por fin está ascendiendo poco a poco y, después de haber pasado meses encerrados en casa, es probable que sus hijos se mueren de ganas por salir y reunirse con sus amigos. 

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How to Encourage Your Child to Get Help for Their Substance Use or Addiction

(Partnership to End Addiction) While the hope is that your child will readily and quickly agree to treatment, don’t despair if they first say no or need more time to think about it. There will be opportunities to raise the subject again. Managing your expectations around them engaging with, and staying in, treatment are a part of good self-care.

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Uso indebido de sustancias y trastornos alimenticios

Al igual que con el uso indebido de sustancias, los trastornos alimenticios pueden vincularse con una conducta compulsiva enfermiza, que puede tener efectos devastadores en el bienestar físico y mental.