Transition to College — What You Need to Know

If you have kids going to college soon, you don’t want to miss this episode of SAMHSA's "Talk. They Hear You". Tips on talking to them about the importance of substance use prevention are shared by DEA Senior Prevention Program Manager Rich Lucey and Dr. Jason Kilmer of the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Violent Behavior Rate Nearly DOUBLE for Daily Marijuana Users Aged 18-34

A study found that daily marijuana users aged 18-34 were nearly twice as likely as their peers to exhibit violent behavior.

Driving High Lands You a DUI

Driving under the influence of drugs is always illegal and never a good idea, especially when the roads are packed on the Fourth of July. Share this 30-second PSA video and DEA's Impaired Driving fact card.

Tackling Cyber Crime With DEA’s Special Ops

This is the 13th installment in a series of profiles featuring DEA special agents, diversion investigators, chemists, and more. Learn about the tough but fulfilling, fascinating, and vital work these DEA personnel do, as well as the many different ways to get involved in fighting drug misuse.

Watch: 'Awkward Conversations' Podcast Season 3

The Drug Enforcement Administration is pleased to announce the next installment of its collaboration with the Elks Drug Awareness Program.

'The Time to Act Is Now' -- California School Makes Fentanyl Mini-Film

A California school community released a mini-film on the fentanyl epidemic, showing how America's #1 drug threat can impact students and their families.

Xylazine: A Drug That Naloxone Can’t Combat

Xylazine – often called “tranq” – is a drug adulterant that DEA has detected in a growing number of overdose deaths, despite the FDA authorizing it only for veterinary use.

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