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For Young People: Opioid Overdose Down, but Suicides Increase

More suicidal teens are turning to opioids, according to the newly published study, Prescription Opioid Exposures Among Children and Adolescents in the United States 2000-2015.

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passing marijuana joint

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth and Young Adults

This new publication provides information on the prevalence of marijuana use among young people, tips for prevention, plus federal resources to assist in your efforts.

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Americans Use More Opioids than Anywhere Else

The U.S. consumes almost 100 percent of the world's supply in hydrocodone, according to a United Nations study.

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screen capture from 'Why Not?' video

Red Ribbon Week Campus Video PSA Contest Winner

Students from Keene State College produced the winning anti-drug PSA entitled, "Why Not?"


Opioids in Louisville

Overdoses in Louisville, Kentucky have skyrocketed in the past few months. Learn about the area's opioid crisis and ways you can help.

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News & Headlines

  • (Live Science, March 20) Researchers looked at trends in the use of prescription opioids among U.S. adolescents from 1976 to 2015.
  • (MarketWatch, March 22) Workers with substance use disorders miss nearly 50% more days than their peers, and up to six weeks of work annually, according to an analysis released Wednesday from the National Safety Council, a nonprofit and nongovernmental agency.
  • (Consumer Reports, March 22) Your medicine cabinet can become a dumping ground for old drugs. But Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs says the risks for accidental poisoning for kids increase –– with every bottle of pills you keep.
  • (Healthy Ways, March 23) According to surveys, kids aged 12-17 increasingly think cannabis use is not harmful. Pediatricians report that cannabis “is the drug of choice” for many teens.