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Watch: Cocaine Facts and Trends

Check out video from the DEA Museum's discussion, "A New Look at Old and Not So Old Drugs: A 2018 Update on Cocaine."

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Dating Violence and Drugs

Unfortunately, violence in teen relationships is probably more common than you think. And if you add drugs to the equation, it only makes things worse.

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New Podcast!

Check out the latest "Prevention Profiles: Take Five" podcast featuring an interview with SAMHSA's Fran Harding on

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'Sober' Apps

From tracking sober days to providing stress reduction techniques, smartphone apps are a new and interactive way to help people in recovery. 

Check out these 4 apps.

Growing Up Drug Free

The DEA and Department of Education's newly updated booklet, Growing Up Drug Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention, offers information to help parents and other caregivers raise drug-free children.

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