Red Ribbon

2017 Red Ribbon Week Rally

The 2017 DEA National Red Ribbon Rally featured guest speaker Geneva “Mika” Camarena, widow of  Special Agent Enriqué “Kiki” Camarena and President of the Kiki Camarena Foundation. Mrs. Camarena talked about her husband’s legacy with the Red Ribbon campaign, and the message of hope that it signals to communities around the nation.

Watch: Heroin and Prescription Opioid Addiction

As we face the worst drug crisis in our nation’s history, understanding the dangers of opioids and talking to your loved ones about prescription drug misuse is more important than ever.

Watch: 'A Common Enemy' PSA

As a nation, in spite of our differences we can all agree on one common enemy: drug addiction. Prevention works when we act early. Learn how you can talk to your children about drug use right here at

Watch: Discovery Education's Operation Prevention PSA

The DEA and Discovery Education have teamed up to launch Operation Prevention, a program geared towards fighting opioid misuse among young people. Learn more.

marijuana leaves white background

A New Look at Old and Not So Old Drugs: A 2017 Update on Marijuana Research

Last fall, the DEA Museum hosted an eye-opening lecture called “A New Look at Old and Not So Old Drugs: A 2017 Update on Marijuana Research.”  Watch.

Estudiante de un colegio de Maryland gana el primer premio en un concurso de video por la Semana del Liston Rojo

Es nativa de Baltimore, de 21 años, fue anunciada como ganadora del Concurso colegial de videos de servicio público con motivo de la Semana del Listón Rojo de 2017 por su video animado creativo, que promueve alternativas saludables al consumo de drogas. 

Video: 911 Call

Every 20 minutes in the United States someone loses their battle with drug addiction. In this audio, taken from an actual 911 call, a distaught mother found her son passed out after an apparent drug overdose. 

Public Service Announcement: Cell Phone

Teens are more likely to die from an overdose than texting and driving. This PSA highlights the importance of securing your prescription painkillers. Watch.

Public Service Announcement: Safe

This public service announcement highlights the importance of securing your prescription medication to ensure your family stays safe. Watch.

Anti-drug PSA: 'Real Life'

Student Nate Trillo from Midlothian, Texas gives us the straight facts about how drugs can ruin your real life. Watch the video.