What’s Happening in Your Child’s School

Last Updated: Friday, October 11, 2019

Drugs at Your Child’s School?

Yes, likely. Youth are using, buying, and selling drugs right on school campuses and at school events in middle schools and secondary schools.


A national survey showed that almost 20% of the students had been offered, sold or given an illegal drug by someone on school property. (Centers for Disease Control, Youth Behavioral Survey, 2017).

The use, possession, distribution or sale of tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia is very hazardous to the students and faculty at a school.


A study in 2012 showed that students who use marijuana in school had lower grades, lower classroom participation, poor attendance, and were disciplined more than non-users. (Finn, Kristin. Marijuana Use at School and Achievement-Linked Behaviors. The High School Journal. Vol. 95.No. 3, Spring 2012.)

Concerned parents should contact their local school district and ask the following questions:

  • What is the extent of alcohol and drug use at the school? 
  • What are the school district’s policies on student use, possession, distribution or sale of tobacco, alcohol and drugs?
  • How many students have been suspended or expelled from the school campus or at a school event for using, buying, or selling drugs? Are they required to attend a drug education class or get referred for a drug assessment?  How is local law enforcement involved?
  • Is there an alcohol/drug counselor at school or trained school nurse to interview the youth who has been caught using drugs? What is the process for intervention, referral to treatment and recovery?
  • Does your child’s school have a health curriculum that includes the risk and harm associated with alcohol and other drug use? 
  • Does the school have a no alcohol and drug use policy that is enforced?
  • Are alcohol and drug-free activities provided by the school during prom night and after sports events?


Make sure you have a copy of the school's drug policy and procedures and go over it with your child. Find out the school's statistics with drug use and what drugs are popular, what's covered in health classes, and whether the information is repeated again in upper grades.


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