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Report: Youth Drug Overdose Deaths Up In 35 States Over A Decade

(USA Today, Nov. 20) Prescription drug overdoses account for more than half of drug overdoses in 2013 among youths.

Prescription Addiction Problem Difficult To Overcome

(KEYT-KCOY-KKFX, Nov. 17) For Lizette Corea, it started with drinking and pot smoking in her early teens.

Addiction: A Monster That Kills

(WCNC, Nov. 16) Both were typical kids who were just experimenting, but both eventually succumbed to drug addiction that eventually took their lives

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DEA Announces “360 Strategy” to Address Heroin, Prescription Drugs and Violent Crime

(DEA, Nov. 10) The DEA today announced “360 Strategy” to help cities dealing with a heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic, and its associated violent crime.