Muppets (Photo credit: Sesame Workshop/YouTube)

Muppets From Sesame Workshop Help Explain Opioid Addiction to Young Children

(NPR) Tevis Simon grew up in West Baltimore back in the 1980s, a neighborhood that lacked attention from the city and investment from the government. From day to day, she was never sure what version of her mother she'd encounter.

Fanny Ye

Using AI to Combat the Opioid Crisis

A computer science professor advances artificial intelligence to dismantle the complex networks that create and traffic deadly opioids.

Fentanyl monster

Fentanyl Monster (PSA)

Middle school students from Marshall School - Academy of Visual and Performing Arts in Oxnard, Calif. made this fentanyl PSA along with the media team from Building Resilience & Inclusion Through Engagement (BRITE).

Awkward Conversations

Watch: 'Awkward Conversations' Podcast Season 3

The Drug Enforcement Administration is pleased to announce the next installment of its collaboration with the Elks Drug Awareness Program.

Anne Milgram_YouTube-NBC News

DEA Administrator: ‘No Second Chances’ for Kids Who Find Fake Pills on Social Media

DEA Administrator Anne Milgram discusses the fentanyl epidemic, including the roles of social media, Mexico, and China on NBC News' "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd.

Counselor and student

Communities Talk About: Preventing Fentanyl Use by Youth and Young Adults Webinar

This June, SAMHSA’s Communities Talk to Prevent Alcohol and Other Drug Misuse team hosted a lively panel discussion where participants learned how fentanyl use as well as fentanyl laced with other substances such as xylazine is a growing threat to young people.

Mom talking with daughter

Did You Ever?

How will you react when your child asks if you've ever used drugs? Jodie Sweetin of "Full House" and "Fuller House", Amy McCarthy of Boston Children's Hospital, actor and director Jake Busey, and "Awkward Conversations" Executive Producer Bob Sabouni discuss this, whether genetics predisposes one to drug abuse, and more.

Father and son

The Talk (Part 3)

Jodie Sweetin of "Full House" and "Fuller House", Amy McCarthy of Boston Children's Hospital, and other substance abuse professionals bring to light the "why" of talking with kids about drugs and making smart choices. This involves discussing the consequences of substance abuse.

Johansen High School fentanyl mini-film

'The Time to Act Is Now' -- California School Makes Fentanyl Mini-Film

A California school community released a mini-film on the fentanyl epidemic, showing how America's #1 drug threat can impact students and their families.

Toddler with pills

Drug Take Back Programs – Keeping Your Home Rx Safe

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Bring It On" actress Clare Kramer guest-hosts this episode of "Awkward Conversations" and talks to DEA Public Information Officer Carlos Briano, professional wrestler JTG, and others about keeping your home Rx safe for kids. Tune in to learn tips on this, how to talk about safe medication use with kids, and information on the DEA Drug Take Back program.