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Last Updated: Friday, November 17, 2017

Opioid addiction has reached a crisis level in communities across the nation. In response, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently launched their Rx Awareness campaign to bring attention to the dangers of prescription drug abuse. As part of the movement, they are featuring real-life stories of people personally affected by prescription opioid addiction.

Watch a few of their stories below. See more on the RX Awareness campaign website.


Opioid Addiction: Real Life Stories


Brenda shares her experiences with addiction to prescription opioids and the toll pain medication took on her life. Watch.

Brenda - CDC Prescription Awareness


Teresa - CDC Prescription Awareness

Teresa lost her brother RJ at age 32 to a prescription opioid overdose. He convinced people to “believe he knew exactly what he was taking.” Watch.


Mike became addicted to a prescription opioid and ended up leaving school and no longer playing college sports. At the time he “didn’t understand the dangers of the drug and was addicted after a matter of months.” Watch.

Mike - CDC Prescription Awareness



CDC logoFor more information about opioid overdoses go to CDC's overdose website.

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