Drug Paraphernalia Q&A

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What is drug paraphernalia?

The term "drug paraphernalia" means any equipment, product, or material of any kind that is modified for making, using, or concealing an illegal controlled substance into the body.

What are examples of drug paraphernalia?

  • Pipes (metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic or ceramic)
  • Roach clips
  • Miniature spoons
  • Bongs
  • Cigarette papers
  • E-cigarettes

Where do kids buy paraphernalia?

Over the Internet, at tobacco shops, head shops, gift and novelty shops, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Legal consequences

Federal law states it is illegal for any person

  1. To sell or offer for sale drug paraphernalia
  2. To use the mail or any other facility of interstate commerce to transport drug paraphernalia; or
  3. Import or export drug paraphernalia.

See Drug Paraphernalia, 21 U.S.C. 863, Controlled Substance Act Offenses and Penalties, www.DEA.gov

For more information on possession of drug paraphernalia, check your state’s drug paraphernalia laws found in the state’s criminal code.

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