Teens and Vaping

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Researchers behind the 2017 Monitoring the Future study surveyed almost 44,000 8th, 10th, and 12th graders across the country about drug use.

When it came to “vaping,” (the use of an e-cigarette to inhale vapors from nicotine, marijuana or flavorings) 12th graders led the pack. About 36 percent admitted to vaping at least once in their lives. And 1 out of 10 high school seniors vaped marijuana within the last year.electronic cigarette

“Vaping has become a new delivery device for a number of substances, and this number will likely increase in the years to come,” Richard Miech, the study’s Principal Investigator said in a press release.  

Vaping and Why it’s Dangerous for Teens

As mentioned earlier, the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) is also referred to as vaping. There are hundreds of different brands and a few different styles of e-cigs. But in general, they are all battery-operated devices that have a cartridge that holds a liquid solution. When a person puffs, the e-cig vaporizes the liquid and the user inhales the vapor.

Vaping marijuana (THC oil) can be more dangerous than smoking the drug.  This is because people often vape a higher concentration of THC which, in turn, intensifies the high and can increase the "likelihood of addiction and adverse medical consequences,” Dr. Nora D. Volkow, director of NIDA, said during a recent teleconference about the study.

These new technologies for using drugs may result in an increase in teen drug use that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise, she added.

Studies have found that regular marijuana use during the teen years disrupts brain development and can also lead to problems with attention span, behavior and impulse control in adulthood.

Besides health risks, using a vaporizer for marijuana can also be easier for teens hide. They generally don’t leave behind a mess and many vape devices can be concealed in the palm of one’s hand.


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