Cleveland Clinic Treats Pain without Meds

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

(News 5 Cleveland, May 11) As the nation grapples with widespread opioid addiction, one Cleveland clinic is turning to medicine-free strategies to treat chronic pain.

 The Cleveland Clinic’s 12-week Back on TREK (Transform Restore Empower Knowledge) program was started by Spinal Surgeon Dr. Ed Benzel to treat patients suffering chronic lower back pain without using medication. They see a team of spine specialists, physical therapists and psychologists to train the mind and the body to address the pain.

 “We’re trying to break a cycle so that the patient actually can improve,” Benzel told the news channel. “I have a number of patients who are on narcotic medications and who were able to get off the medications and they said, ‘I would’ve never believed it, but I feel better off the medication than when I was on the medication.’”

Among the requirements for the program: patients must be between 18-65 years old, have had no back surgeries, and have experienced at least three months of back pain. Read more.

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