LA Meth Crisis Escalates Alongside Opioid-Heroin Epidemic

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
(Gloucester City News, June 15) The heroin addiction epidemic is hitting many cities across the nation hard. But, in LA, meth is a bigger problem, according to local law enforcement officials. methamphetamine
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck elaborated on why meth is so dangerous during a Los Angeles Police Commission meeting last month.
“Methamphetamine is something that exacerbates folks that have mental illness issues, and it’s a combination that I think is something that we address every day,” Beck said. “It’s a very cheap, very long-lasting, very cumulative effect drug.”
Police officials say they have seen a spike in the drug’s use. In addition, nine out of 10 suspects who died in officer-involved shootings last year had meth in their system, according to the LAPD’s Use of Force Year-End Review report for 2016. Read more.

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