New Websites Aim to Educate People about Opioid Addiction

Last Updated: Thursday, March 22, 2018

In 2018, more than 2 million Americans will suffer from addiction to prescription or illicit opioids.opioid crisis article

The White House recently launched two websites: and, as part of an effort to address the nation’s ongoing epidemic. educates the public about the causes of the epidemic and the steps the government will take to fight overprescribing, stopping the flow of illicit opioids and making it easier for everyone to get treatment.

And at, you can watch stories about opioid addiction submitted by people from across the nation. You also have the opportunity to upload your own video sharing how you overcame opioid addiction or helped a family member battling addiction.

Opioid addiction affects millions across the country; you are not alone and you can get help.


Watch U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams talk about how opioid addiction affected his family below:

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