Cartels use new form of methamphetamine to target fresh market, troopers warn

Last Updated: Friday, August 10, 2018

(WCPO, August 6) Ohio law enforcement officials seized two shipments of methamphetamine pills over the last few months, WCPO reports.meth text

The pills, which looked like ecstasy or children’s vitamins, were out of the ordinary because they were pure meth (not mixed with heroin or amphetamine). Officers are worried users will take the pills not knowing what they are.

“If they take it thinking it’s ecstasy, and it’s meth, it could elevate their heart rate and body temperature and they could have other complications [which could include death],” Lt. Mark Gooding told the news service.

In addition, the pills reduce “the fear in people of doing a hard drug, because now, it’s just a tablet,” another officer, Lt. Robert Sellers said.

The local law enforcement officials believe that drug cartels are pushing the pill form of meth hoping to break into a new market of users who don’t necessarily want to inject, snort or smoke their drugs. Read more.


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