Uncontrollable vomiting due to marijuana use on rise, study finds 

Last Updated: Monday, September 20, 2021

person holding their stomach(CNN, September 17) Cases of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, an illness where regular marijuana users experience stomach pains and retching, have reportedly increased in recent years. 

"They vomit and then just continue to vomit whatever they have in their stomach, which can go on for hours," Dr. Sam Wang, pediatric emergency medicine specialist and toxicologist at Children's Hospital Colorado told CNN.  

"They often say they took a scalding hot shower before they came to the ER but it didn't help. That's when we know we may have a case of cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS." 

Researchers in Australia wrote about cases of CHS in 2004. They found that symptoms of the illness went away after patients stopped using marijuana (but came back if they started using the drug again). Read more.




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