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'I Have Been Reborn': Recovering Young Addict Offers Hope to Others

(Today, Dec. 27) Nicole is one of seven heroin addicts featured on the HBO documentary \"HEROIN: Cape Cod, USA.\"

Monitoring the Future Study Results: Marijuana Use Exceeds Cigarette Use Among US Teens in 2015

(University of Michigan, Dec. 16) Past-month marijuana use continues to exceed cigarette use among high school seniors. 

Use Of Ecstasy, Heroin, Synthetic Marijuana, Alcohol, Cigarettes Declined Among US Teens In 2015

(Michigan News, Dec. 16) Drug use has declined among students nationwide, according to the annual Monitoring the Future Study.

Pharmacists Touted as Last Line of Defense Against Addiction

(Lexington Herald-Leader, Dec. 20) Pharmacists have the power to help the prescription drug abuse crisis by tightening control over drug distribution.

Teens With Open, Respectful Parents Less Likely to Try Drugs: Study

(CTV News, Dec. 14) A new study shows that positive, respectful relationships between children and parents can foster a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

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Abuse of Prescription Painkillers, Stimulants Ups Sexual Risks for Teens

(US News and World Report, Dec. 14) Teens who abuse prescription medications are also more likely to engage in riskier sexual behaviors.

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Others' Drug, Alcohol Use May Trigger Bad Behavior in Teens

(US News and World Report, Dec. 11) Young teens' behavior can be easily influenced negatively by witnessing drinking and drug use.

Drug Overdose Deaths Surge 7 Percent in US

(NBC News, Dec. 10) Much of the rise is due to surges in heroin and prescription painkilller overdoses.

Heroin Use By College Age Adults On The Rise

(Athens Banner-Herald, Dec. 6) Heroin use among teens and college students has risen dramatically over the past five years.

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Heroin Users Shooting Up While Driving, Police Say

(Columbus Dispatch, Dec. 7) Cops are responding to traffic accidents in which a driver is passed out in a moving vehicle or are being pulled over with needles in their arms.