Is my kid vaping? If so, what? And how do I help them quit? Here are tips for worried parents

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

vaping_text_graphic(USA Today, October 1) In recent years, vaping – the use of e-cigarettes to use tobacco or THC oil – has jumped in popularity among young people. And recently, we’ve seen a rash of injuries and deaths related to the use of vape pens.

With all of the troublesome news headlines, concerned parents may want to be informed about the signs and symptoms of vaping.

If your teen is vaping constantly, they may experience “nicotine toxicity” from ingesting too much nicotine.  Symptoms of this condition include nausea, vomiting and instable blood pressure, Laurie Combe, president of the National Association of School Nurses told USA Today.

How would you know if your teen is vaping nicotine or THC oil?

One clue is THC oil is thicker than nicotine oil. In addition, nicotine vials tend to be bigger while THC oil vials are more narrow, USA Today reports. Read more.


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