chasing the dragon

VIDEO: Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict

You are going to see that once the addiction starts it is often too late. By telling somebody, you could be saving a life.

screen shot of VIDEO: The Promise of Drugs

VIDEO: The Promise of Drugs

When it comes to drugs and drug abuse, there's the promise and there's the reality. If you've ever felt the pressure to use drugs, you've probably heard the promise. Some promises are specific to a drug: \"Meth can help you lose weight\" or \"Steroids will make you a better athlete.\" Other promises are vague: \"Getting high will help you relax.\" Watch this animated video to learn more about the promise and reality of drug use and abuse.


VIDEO: Taking Prescription Drugs to Get High—A Bad Idea

97% of teens don't use prescription drugs to get high. Watch this video to learn why taking prescription drugs to get high can have serious health effects including addiction and overdose.

screen shot of synthetic drugs video

Video: Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs are made from chemical compounds, and some people think they are a legal substitute for drugs like marijuana and ecstasy. But they are not. Watch to learn the difference.