Meth Hidden in a Gas Tank? Helping DEA as a Chemist

This is the fifth installment in a series of profiles featuring DEA special agents, diversion investigators, chemists, and more. Learn about the tough but fulfilling, fascinating, and vital work these DEA personnel do, as well as the many different ways to get involved in fighting drug abuse.

Watch: 'Awkward Conversations' Podcast Season 3

The Drug Enforcement Administration is pleased to announce the next installment of its collaboration with the Elks Drug Awareness Program.

National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month. Create a proclamation, participate in events, download materials, and more to raise awareness about recovering from substance use.

DEA 50th Anniversary Quiz

It's DEA's 50th Anniversary! How much do you know about the federal law enforcement agency's operations, the fentanyl epidemic, and more? Test your knowledge right here and right now.

'The Time to Act Is Now' -- California School Makes Fentanyl Mini-Film

A California school community released a mini-film on the fentanyl epidemic, showing how America's #1 drug threat can impact students and their families.

What Inspired Winners of the 2022 National Red Ribbon Week Photo Contest?

Kids and adults representing the winning submissions for the 2022 National Red Ribbon Week Photo Contest share their inspirations for competing.

Considering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Preventing Drug Use and Misuse

Watch an engaging discussion about the importance of cultural competence and cultural humility in preventing drug use and misuse, featuring panelists from state government, higher education, community-based prevention, and DEA.

Xylazine: A Drug That Naloxone Can’t Combat

Xylazine – often called “tranq” – is a drug adulterant that DEA has detected in a growing number of overdose deaths, despite the FDA authorizing it only for veterinary use.

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