Drugs & Your Family

  • How Opioid (Painkiller) Abuse Can Lead to Heroin UseHow Opioid (Painkiller) Abuse Can Lead to Heroin Use

    Since 2010, heroin deaths have significantly increased by 248 percent. Why is this happening?

  • VIDEO: Marijuana—The Facts and FictionVIDEO: Marijuana—The Facts and Fiction

    Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in America. Like the tobacco plant, its smoke contains a mixture of gasses and particles that are harmful to your lungs. Watch this video to find out what's fact and fiction.

  • Video: Synthetic DrugsVideo: Synthetic Drugs

    Synthetic drugs are made from chemical compounds, and some people think they are a legal substitute for drugs like marijuana and ecstasy. But they are not. Watch to learn the difference.

  • Prescription Drug AbusePrescription Drug Abuse

    What is prescription drug abuse? Prescription drug abuse is when someone takes a medication prescribed for someone else, takes their own prescription in a way not intended by a doctor or dentist, or takes a medication to get high, according to DrugAbuse.gov.  Prescription (RX) drugs are the most commonly abused substances by teens after marijuana, synthetic marijuana (spice), and alcohol.

  • Medications in Your HomeMedications in Your Home

    Prescription (Rx) and over- the-counter (OTC) medicines are legal products that should be used only as directed. Unfortunately, many teens are using opioid painkillers and OTC medicines to get high.

  • School Failure

    The associations between substance use, academic failure and dropout are strong and well recognized among researchers and educators who study adolescent substance use.

  • Text Messaging: Lost in Translation?Text Messaging: Lost in Translation?

    Video Transcript Accessibility Statement: This video is an animated presentation with background music that does not add to the context or experience of the content. In it, two teens are having a text message conversation on a smartphone screed; the teens are not seen, the focus is on the phone’s screen. They’re texting in acronyms and slang – some real, some created to demonstrate the rapidly changing language teens often use. Off to the side of the screen, as the teen texts, “parent translations” of each text message are shown.

  • Talking to Your Child When You Suspect Drug UseTalking to Your Child When You Suspect Drug Use

    Choose the right time to talk. When talking to your child be sure your child is sober or has not been using drugs before talking about drugs and alcohol.

  • Why do Teens Use Drugs?Why do Teens Use Drugs?

    The teen years are often a time to explore and learn more about themselves as they approach adulthood. Often, this involves experimenting and testing their boundaries. The desire to do something new or risky is a normal part of teen development.

  • What’s Happening in Your Child’s SchoolWhat’s Happening in Your Child’s School

    Youth are using, buying, and selling drugs on school campuses and at school events in middle schools and secondary schools. Find out how your school is handling this problem.

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