Drugs & Your Family

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Preventing Opioid Misuse among High School Student-Athletes: A Playbook for Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

Unfortunately, high school student-athletes can be especially vulnerable to prescription painkiller misuse. Here are five tips – along with online resources – for parents and educators to help keep your student-athlete from misusing painkillers.

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Red Ribbon Week Public Service Announcement

Listen to this Radio Public Service Announcement for Red Ribbon Week. Feel free to use on local or campus radio stations.

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Other Options for Treating Pain

For many reasons, you may want to consider more natural ways your teen or young adult can deal with pain.

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Mental Health and Substance Misuse

Scientists have long made the link between mental health disorders and substance misuse. In fact, the co-existence of both is referred to as “co-occurring disorders.”


A Dose of Reality: Websites Educating the Public about Opioids

A handful of states (Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wisconsin) have launched public awareness campaigns called ‘A Dose of Reality.’

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New Report Advises Parents about Teen Marijuana Use

Talking to your teens about drug use can already be a little uncomfortable. But what if you live in a state where using recreational marijuana is legal for adults?


Accidental Exposure: Drugs and Young Children

The effect of drug use on young children under the age of five can’t be overlooked. 

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Should Your Teen Take that Opioid Prescription?

Whether due to a sport injury, getting wisdom teeth pulled, or just a freak accident, there are many reasons why doctors may prescribe opioid painkillers to teens.

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Teen Dating Violence and Drug Use

According to LoveIsRespect.org, one third of U.S. adolescents are victims of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from someone they are dating. And almost 1.5 million high schoolers deal with physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.