Drugs & Your Family

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Teens and Vaping

According to a new survey, the use of electronic cigarettes (also known as “vaping”) is pretty popular among U.S. teens.

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This Holiday Season, Talk to Your Young Adult about the #1 U.S. Health Crisis: Opioids

The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to talk to your young adults about the devastating effects of opioid and prescription drug misuse, writes SAMHSA's Frances M. Harding.

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Help Your Teen Avoid Drug-laced Food

Many of us have told our loved ones to watch out for spiked drinks at parties. But do you also need to warn your teens about drugs in their food?

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Teach Your Teen to Stand Up to Peer Pressure

While you might have talked to your kids at length about the dangers of drug use, it’s still normal for most teen or pre-teens to want to fit in with their peers.

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Tips for a Safe and Drug-free Homecoming Season

Homecoming season is officially upon us. During this time of year, excitement around the football game, homecoming court, spirit week and the dance fills the autumn air. Unfortunately, these social occasions can also be a time when some teens decide to experiment with drugs. Consider these tips to promote a safe, drug-free homecoming season.

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Seven Ways Your Teen Can De-stress

Take a look at these seven healthy, drug-free ways your teen can destress.

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Do's and Don'ts: Talking to Your Kids About Drugs

Quick tips on how to talk to your teens about drug use.

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8 Activities to Keep Your Kids Occupied During Summer Vacation (Besides the Summer Job)

In June, teens are amped for summer vacation. But as the school-free weeks go on and on, boredom usually sets in. And that’s where problems could start. According to reports, summer break is when a lot of teens take drugs for the first time. Here are some activities to keep your young loved ones engaged to, hopefully, have a drug-free summer vacation.

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Buying Drugs Online – What You Should Know & How to Protect Your Kids

Young people are getting drugs online, perhaps now more than ever.

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Bullying and Future Drug Use

We all know that the emotional damage bullying has on a child can last well into their adulthood. But now, a recent study has also cast a light on the connection between bullying and future drug use.