Drugs & Your Family

  • 10 Strategies to Prevent Your Young Person from Using Drugs10 Strategies to Prevent Your Young Person from Using Drugs

    According to a recent study, young people who hadn’t used drugs up until their senior year in high school are more likely to use marijuana once they start college than their peers who don’t go to college. Here are a few ways you can prevent your young loved one from using any drug before they head off to school and while they are in college.

  • Hiding PlacesHiding Places

    All parents strive to have an open and honest relationship with their teens. However, if your young loved one is dealing with drug addiction, they often become secretive, and as parents you may find answers in their rooms or vehicles. For those facing this serious issue, here are a few common places your teen could be hiding drugs.

  • Principles of Substance Abuse Prevention for Early ChildhoodPrinciples of Substance Abuse Prevention for Early Childhood

     Principles of Substance Abuse Prevention for Early Childhood is an online guide about interventions in early childhood that can help prevent drug use and other unhealthy behaviors.

  • VIDEO: Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate AddictVIDEO: Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict

    You are going to see that once the addiction starts it is often too late. By telling somebody, you could be saving a life.

  • How Opioid (Painkiller) Abuse Can Lead to Heroin UseHow Opioid (Painkiller) Abuse Can Lead to Heroin Use

    Since 2010, heroin deaths have significantly increased by 248 percent. Why is this happening?

  • VIDEO: Marijuana—The Facts and FictionVIDEO: Marijuana—The Facts and Fiction

    Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in America. Like the tobacco plant, its smoke contains a mixture of gasses and particles that are harmful to your lungs. Watch this video to find out what's fact and fiction.

  • Video: Synthetic DrugsVideo: Synthetic Drugs

    Synthetic drugs are made from chemical compounds, and some people think they are a legal substitute for drugs like marijuana and ecstasy. But they are not. Watch to learn the difference.

  • Prescription Drug AbusePrescription Drug Abuse

    What is prescription drug abuse? Prescription drug abuse is when someone takes a medication prescribed for someone else, takes their own prescription in a way not intended by a doctor or dentist, or takes a medication to get high. Source: www.drugabuse.gov

  • Medications in Your HomeMedications in Your Home

    Prescription (Rx) and over- the-counter (OTC) medicines are legal products that should be used only as directed. Each day, 46 people die from an overdose of prescription painkillers. Unfortunately, many teens are using opioid painkillers and OTC medicines to get high.

  • School Failure

    The associations between substance use, academic failure and dropout are strong and well recognized among researchers and educators who study adolescent substance use.

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